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      Training FAQ

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      On-Demand Training Libraries

      On-Demand Training Libraries

      Access hundreds of hours of on-demand training in short, topical lessons, containing videos, knowledge assessments, and interactive virtual lab exercises. Lessons are organized into task-oriented learning paths, all included in your library subscription. Learn more about On-Demand Training Libraries.

      Q. How do I find videos that I can preview if I don’t have a subscription?

      A. The fastest way to find videos to preview is to access the Library-at-a-glance menu and look for the video topics with the “preview available” badge.

      Q. How do I earn progress level points?

      A. You can earn points by completing the assessment quiz at the end of a chapter within the library and achieving 80% or higher score.  Each chapter indicates the total points available. 

      Q. Do I have to watch the videos to earn points?

      A. No, you can skip to the assessment at the end of the chapter and audit the chapter by taking the assessment directly. If you achieve 80% or more on the assessment, you will be awarded the point value for that chapter.

      Q. What is the significance of the intermediate, advanced, and expert progress level?

      A. The progress level point values are set at a representative value to indicate learning comprehension though the library. Once you achieve a progress level, you can download and print a progress level certificate. The meaning of each progress level is described in the Library-at-a-glance view.

      Q. How do I complete a learning path?

      A.  You can complete a learning path by completing all chapters in that learning path. For chapters with point values and assessments, to complete the chapter you must earn a score of 80% or better on the end-of-chapter assessment.

      Q. How do I change my profile photo?

      A. If you use an email address that you signed up with at gravatar.com, we will automatically pull in your profile photo. If you would like to change your photo, setup and account at http://gravatar.com and upload a photo.

      Q. Can I retake a knowledge check?

      A. Yes, you can retake a knowledge check as many times as you would like. The score of your knowledge check does not count towards any points. You must complete the chapter assessment to a passing score of 80% or more to earn chapter points.

      Q. Can I retake an assessment?

      A.  Yes, you can retake an assessment  if you did not earn a score of 80% or better. To earn chapter points and points towards a progress level, you must score 80% or better on end-of-chapter assessments.

      Q. How can I easily find Discover edition content?

      A. You can access the Chapters menu from the Library menu and sort chapters  by Discover Edition.

      Q. How do I find new content that has been added to the library?

      A. New content added to the library since your last login to the Mentor Learning Center will be indicated by a top-of-page alert banner and it will also appear in the Library home page with a “New” badge label.

      Q. How do I view video full screen?

      A. The course player video portion has an option to view full screen from the video player menu. You can access the video player menu by hovering over the video. The last menu option on the right with opposing arrows is the full screen video option.

      Q. Where can I see an entire listing of all learning paths,  chapters and topics?

      A. The Library-at-a-glance view lists all learning paths, chapters, and topics, You can also see the descriptions of the progress levels for the library from this screen. Videos that can be previewed without  a subscription have a “preview available” badge for easy access to these videos.  All headings are hyperlinked so you can easily navigate to library content form the Library-at-a-glance view.

      Q. What if I need help on a screen?

      A. The Question mark help button on every screen walks you through a guided tour of the options possible on that screen.

      Training Policies

      Training Policies

      Full payment must be made ten days prior to the training date. Payments may be made in the form of a purchase order, check, letter of contract, or credit card.

      Digital copies of training materials are not provided.

      Filming of training classes is prohibited.

      On-Demand Training subscriptions are non-cancelable, non-transferable, and non-refundable, and expire 12 months from the date of email notification with course access code. Mentor Graphics will process approved refunds within 30 days of receipt of a refund request.

      Public Classes

      Classes must have a minimum of four registrants.

      Classes will take place at a Mentor Graphics training center (unless otherwise noted).

      Mentor Graphics will provide coffee service and lunch for each full day of training.

      Mentor Graphics reserves the right to cancel courses for any reason, including when course registration does not meet minimum levels. Mentor Graphics will notify attendees of a cancelled course at least ten business days prior to the course start date. In the case of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded via the original form of payment. Mentor Graphics is not responsible for airfare penalties incurred because of cancelled courses. Mentor Graphics will not reimburse registrants for any travel or hotel cancellation fees or penalties. If only a single student is registered for a class, Mentor Graphics will continue with the class provided the student pays the daily rate of US$2,100.

      Attendees may cancel or transfer to a different course date without penalty up to ten business days prior to the course start date. To withdraw from a course, contact a Mentor Graphics Training Services representative at Education_Services@mentor.com for assistance.

      Cancellation within ten business days or a "no show" occurrence will result in a full charge of the class fee.

      Private Classes

      Classes will have a minimum of four registrants.

      Classes will take place at the customer’s site unless other arrangements are made by the customer. If available, customers can request using a Mentor Graphics training site as well. 

      Food and beverage service will be the responsibility of the customer.

      Mentor Graphics Education Services has a VMware Virtual Machine (VM) environment available that simplifies your setup process. The VM is a software package that is installed on any Windows workstation meeting the minimum system requirements. When invoked, the VM creates a virtual workstation that is pre-configured with Mentor Graphics software and licenses to support your training. The VM is isolated from the host workstation and does not interact with your production environment. Once training is finished the VM is uninstalled from the workstation.

      Cancellation of a private class must be received ten business days prior to the class start date. Cancellation within ten business days or a "no show" occurrence will result in a full charge of the class fee. Mentor Graphics reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes by notifying students at least ten business days prior to the class start date. Mentor Graphics is not responsible for airfare penalties incurred because of cancelled courses. Mentor Graphics will not reimburse registrants for any travel or hotel cancellation fees or penalties.

      Classroom Training

      Classroom Training

      Mentor Graphics provides instructor-led training in our training centers located in major cities around the world. Classroom training gives you the opportunity to ask our industry experts specific questions about the problems you're trying to solve, obtain live coaching and feedback as you perform hands-on exercises, and network with student peers. View our upcoming classes or our complete course catalog.

      Online, Instructor-Led Training

      Online, Instructor-Led Training

      The interactivity and depth of the traditional classroom, from the convenience of any computer with a broadband connection!

      It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have appropriate access to the internet and adequate bandwidth prior to the start of the course. Students must also have access to an international phone connection. Should a course be cancelled due to technical difficulties that affect the majority of the students attending the course, Mentor Graphics will cancel the course and reschedule at a date and time of their choosing. Students will be notified of the rescheduled time and may request a refund of their course fee if the newly scheduled time does not meet their requirements.

      Live Online courses are taught by the same expert instructors who lead our classroom courses, via remote conferencing. Typically, you'll receive four or five hours of class time each day, followed by independent lab exercises you complete on your own. Each course includes all the data files, lab workbooks, and software access you'll need to complete your training. Learn more about Live Online training.


      You will need the following:

      • Internet connection with broadband speed or better
      • Web browser
      • Windows OS
      • Ability to install and connect to Webex session
      • Ability to conference call
      • Ability to run MGC application environment either locally or via our virtual machine
      • Minimum System Requirements

      Recommended minimum system requirements for installing temporary training software and license:

      • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows server 2003
      • RAM: 2GB
      • Video Card: 64MB
      • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 900MHz Minimum, Intel Pentium 4 2+GHz recommended (any modern processor will be fine)
      • Disk Space: 12GB available
      • 3rd Party Software: Winzip or a similar compression utility
      • Local administrator privileges on your computer
      • Requirements may vary by course. You will be informed of exact requirements upon class confirmation. Instructors are available by phone for any questions during 

      Mentor Training and Services Pool Program and Mentor Passbook Program

      The Mentor Training and Services Pool Program and Mentor Passbook Program allows companies to purchase training in volume with a single purchase order, reducing administrative overhead when planning and approving employee training. Learn more.

      Other Training

      Custom Training

      Custom training is a unique alternative designed to meet individual companies' educational needs. Custom courses can be created by modifying existing Mentor Graphics courses, developing new materials or by combining materials from multiple courses. If you have a need for customized training, contact us to find the best solution.

      Private Training

      Any Mentor Graphics course can be tailored for private delivery to your company. It's a convenient and cost-effective way to educate your entire team, and can be delivered at your site, at a nearby Mentor Graphics facility, or through our Live Online program. Contact us to schedule a private course.

      On-Site Mentoring

      Mentor Graphics offers intensive, targeted training, in your own design environment, personalized for your company's specific requirements. On-site mentoring can provide on-the-job coaching to strengthen your employees' electronics design skills, enhance knowledge transfer from the classroom to the job, or to assist with design flow migration

      On-site mentoring can be purchased as an adjunct to formal classroom training, or as a standalone engagement. To request on-site mentoring, or for more information, please contact us.

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