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      The following solutions address complex issues and help designers and engineers work seamlessly and securely across tool chains, enterprise and cloud infrastructures, and sophisticated supply chains, promoting and protecting innovation.

      Context System Design Management (SDM)

      Context® System Design Management™ – Managing overwhelming project data

      The Context SDM platform addresses the information access needs of those involved in developing complex, multi-disciplinary systems by managing the relationships among all facets of the design as it evolves.  

      • Access to relevant information for the Designer
      • Visibility, control, and status reports for the Project Manager
      • Complete and current data for the Requirements Engineer
      • Traceability and audit reporting for the Safety Analyst

      Unlike centralized data vaults, Context SDM coordinates and links design activity, and lets users manage data within their original design, test and lifecycle management tools.

      SystemVision Cloud

      SystemVision® Cloud – Transforming the way you experience system design

      SystemVision Cloud is a single online environment where you can model analog, digital, and power electronics; transfer functions and math-based blocks; sensors and actuators; and physical environments. 

      SystemVision Cloud offers: 

      • A generous pre-defined library of models
      • Component models that are automatically created by filling out a datasheet
      • Models the user creates or imports directly using VHDL-AMS code
      • Models from special component suppliers

      Simulate any mix of electronic models with conceptual models, sensors and actuators, and models of the real-world context.



      The TrustChain Security Platform is an end-to-end security platform that gathers useful and reliable chip use data to enable supply chain participants to monitor chip manufacturing and field use, to analyze supply chain vulnerabilities, and to mitigate security issues. The TrustChain solution enables tracking, authenticating, provisioning, and analysis of the use of chips in the supply chain during their lifecycle. 

      TrustChain enables SoC suppliers to: 

      • Provide anti-reverse engineering protection
      • Ensure authenticity of underlying silicon
      • Improve product lifecycle management

      The TrustChain solution improves the security of the hardware supply chain by enabling the connection of SoCs to a secure server, tracking chips at each step in the supply chain, and securely provisioning them in the field.  As a result the platform enables IC suppliers to minimize counterfeit devices and to offer new value-add services during the lifecycles of SoCs, services that were not possible before. 

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