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      MicReD Product Suite

      MicReD Products

      Thermally test, measure and characterize semiconductor devices (including LEDs), TIMs and even complete electronic systems

      The MicReD® (Microelectronics Research and Development) family of hardware and software products enables component and systems suppliers to accurately and efficiently thermally test, measure and characterize integrated circuit packages, single and arrayed LEDs, stacked and multi-die packages, power electronics, thermal interface materials (TIMs), and complete electronic systems. MicReD was a spin-off company created by researchers at the Department of Electron Devices at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME).

      MicReD Product Suite


      Transient thermal test, measurement and characterization of ICs, LEDs and assorted packages. Learn more


      Thermal and Radiometric/Photometric measurement of LEDs and LED arrays. Learn more


      Thermal characterization of thermal interface materials. Learn more

      Power Tester 1500A

      Thermal test and power cycling of IGBTs. Learn more

      Power Tester 600A

      Thermal test and power cycling for automotive IGBTs and MOSFETs. Learn more

      MicReD Hardware Family

      MicReD products are used in the semiconductor, consumer electronics, transportation and LED industries. Customers include Bosch and Automotive Lighting as well as many world-leading semiconductor manufacturers such as IBM, Infineon, LG, Philips, ST Microelectronics, Siemens and Samsung and specialist universities/research centers.

      MicReD’s highly acclaimed hardware is also widely used in the optical field at world renowned companies and research centers such as Denso, Toyota, Lumileds, and Osram as well as KOPTI (Korea) and ITRI (Taiwan).

      • Fast and accurate transient thermal test, measurement and characterization of IC packages, LEDs, LED arrays and systems.
      • Full support of the transient dual interface method (JEDEC JESD51-14) and the latest LED thermal testing standards (e.g. JEDEC JESD51-51, 51-52).
      • Create compact thermal models for accurate thermal simulation in FloTHERM.
      • Non-destructive failure detection of IC packages and LEDs - used e.g. as a post-stress test method in reliability analysis.
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