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      FloTHERM Products

      FloTHERM Products

      Electronics cooling software from the leader in electronics thermal analysis

      The powerful FloTHERM® suite of 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software predicts airflow and heat transfer, in and around electronic equipment. FloTHERM delivers right-by-design products that save design time and reduce the need for physical prototyping from components and boards to complete systems and data centers.

      FloTHERM Products


      Optimize thermal design of your electronics in a non-CAD environment. Learn more

      FloTHERM XT

      Thermal optimization in a CAD-centric environment. Learn more

      FloTHERM PCB

      Design and test thermal characteristics of PCBs. Learn more


      Create compact models of IC components and test boards for thermal analysis. Learn more

      FloTHERM Flexx

      The best of both worlds - use FloTHERM and FloTHERM XT to solve electronics cooling design challenges. Learn more

      Thermal design bridges both the mechanical and electrical disciplines. Thermal management is mainly a mechanical issue, but heat is generated in silicon, so it is necessary to also understand electronics to do thermal design correctly.

      Takuya Shinoda, DENSO Corporation

      Our evaluation showed that FloTHERM and FloTHERM PCB thermal simulation software can save time in modeling while integrating the design process to a higher degree than other tools.

      Fabio Vitale, Galileo Avionica

      FloTHERM continues to allow us to design better and more innovative electronics cooling devices for smaller and hotter applications. Using FloTHERM versus a prototype build in this type of application saves approximately $5-10k worth of development costs.

      Matt Connors, Thermacore

      Key features and benefits

      • Market leader since 1989
      • 9 out of 10/17 out of 20 of the top consumer electronics companies rely on FloTHERM for thermal design
      • Data-interoperable, supporting import of measurement-based thermal models from T3Ster and DynTIM
      • Closely integrated with MCAD and native EDA interfaces
      • Meshing and solution technologies ensure fastest time-to-results to keep pace with design changes
      • Handles industrial-strength cases with many thousands of objects and millions of mesh cells
      • Fully-automated integral design optimization capability using the FloTHERM Command Center module
      • Full XML import capability and result post-processing to support workflow automation
      • FloVIZ, a free post-processing module, shares FloTHERM results with other stakeholders in today’s highly-collaborative design environment
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