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      Intellectual Property

      Silicon-proven and ready-to-use.

      Mentor offers a variety of standards-based IP cores that are rigorously tested and validated to provide design teams with the most reliable cores in the industry. Mentor's IP portfolio ranges from simple SoC building blocks, such as communication interfaces and microcontrollers, to complete integrated solutions for Ethernet, USB and Storage applications.

      • Required component of design reuse methodology
      • Highly configurable silicon IP Blocks for industry standard interfaces
      • Encapsulate stringent industry compliance and interoperability standards
      • Soft Digital IP provides configurable RTL (VHDL and Verilog) source code
      • Hard IP provides process specific GDSII layout data
      • IP Blocks include critical design and verification files to drive common tool flows

      IP Categories

      For designs requiring embedded Memory IP with the concurrent delivery of the highest possible density at the lowest possible dynamic power, leakage and cost while achieving target speed.

      USB is a commonly deployed digital wired interface on PCs, printers, digital cameras, PDAs, and other digital consumer electronic products.

      The goal of Mentor’ Graphic's IP Division is to offer a complete IP subsystem available in the standards-based connectivity space.

      With the Networking industry’s ever-increasing demand for faster speeds, we are committed to providing the most flexible and problem-free IP cores for Ethernet connectivity.

      The design databases of these cores are available to Mixed Signal design teams for process node migration, under special considerations.

      We are the only Storage IP vendor to offer non-standard clocking support for our customer’s Parallel ATA designs, which provide greater flexibility when integrating PATA Host controller.

      Peripheral IP is often required to complete ASIC or SoC designs. It ranges in type and complexity from microcontrollers to communication interfaces such as I2C.

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