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      MEMS Design

      The Mentor MEMS foundry-proven design flow delivers 3D design and fabrication support in one unified environment. The same flow makes it easy to integrate MEMS devices and analog/mixed-signal processing circuitry. L-Edit is the gold standard for layout implementation with its MEMS specific capabilities.



      Tanner’s MEMS solution is the enterprise ready, gold standard 3D MEMS design and simulation platform of choice. The Digital Twin of the MEMS devices begins with the design capure in L-Edit. MEMS designers benefit from a unified environment that supports MEMS device design and fabrication modeling, as well as component libraries that allow for design reuse. Teams who are looking to co-design their IC’s, MEMS devices and packages gain productivity with Mentor’s unified MEMS and IC design environment.

      L-Edit has all of the functionality that is needed to implement today’s MEMS designs. L-Edit's native curve representations along with the capaiblity to define complex Boolean operations coupled with the creation and use parameterized cells enables the easy and quick layout of your MEMS device.

      The MEMS Digital Twin flow enables engineers to accelerate product development with digital prototyping, and move away from costly physical prototyping. Our flow enables system-level closed loop simulations of your IC and MEMS.

      Foundry-proven, the MEMS Digital Twin enhances the manufacturability of MEMS devices by allowing a parametrized approach to modeling and simulating MEMS manufacturing steps.


      Digital Twin Flow

      A MEMS layout is created with L-Edit MEMS, then partner simulations with SoftMEMS and OnScale


      Support advanced 3D analysis tools

      Export models of design variants to run simulation in 3D analysis programs

      Complex polygon Boolean operations

      Reduces errors and increases productivity

      Automatic layout generation with parameterized cells

      MEMS component PCell library, and powerful programming interface for custom parameterization

      Advanced mask layout and verification flow

      Support for a wide variety of MEMS foundry-proven process support available

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