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      Custom IC Design

      Mentor offers an enterprise ready custom IC design flow for your innovative designs. The IC flow supports new enhancements to improve analog design and analysis, in addition to an updated integration with AFS, Calibre and many other Mentor industry leading solutions. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of customer design tape outs, the platform is well suited to support all More than Moore technologies.



      Affordable, integrated analog/mixed – signal design flow that is easy to customize for your environment.

      The Mentor custom IC design tools feature advanced, high performance, easy-to-use schematic and layout editor, integration with best-in-class circuit simulators and integration with Calibre, the industry leading solution for design rule checking, parasitic extraction and physical verification.

      The Mentor flow begins with capture, simulation management and analysis, and continues with simulation, implementation, physical layout and verification, using foundry certified PDK’s, to ensure a smooth path to tape-out.

      The design environment supports multiple Mentor transistor level simulators, which allow the user to select the appropriate simulator based on their design type and needs.

      The design environment has been enhanced to support the different implementation needs required by the More than Moore technologies including MEMS and integrated photonics. Our single design environment allows you to implement analog, mixed-signal, MEMS and Photonics using the complete capabilities of our flow.

      Key features / benefits

      • Complete flow from design capture through to tape out
      • Built on standards: OpenAccess, iPDK, TCL and Python
      • Comprehensive foundry support
      • Tightly integrated with industry leading Calibre for design verification
      • Choice of simulators: Eldo, AFS, Questa and T-Spice
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