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      Valor PCB Manufacturing Solutions

      Valor is the PCB industry’s first true end-to end software solution, extending Mentor offering from product design to the manufacturing shop floor. Valor software covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.

      Valor Point Solutions

      Electronics manufacturers face many challenges. Increasing customization of electronics drives high-mix, low-volume production, and with the cost of material at ~80% of the product it is difficult to maintain profitable margins. Valor solutions address these challenges, providing solutions that cover the entire design-to-manufacturing flow, and these can be implemented as part of Siemens' Opcenter or as point solutions.

      • Built-in interfaces to the majority of automated and manual stations on the shop floor
      • Advanced machine and process control capabilities
      • Highly scalable infrastructure
      • Industrial-grade hardware, high performance, security, and data integrity

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