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      Silicon Design for Automotive

      Tools to develop semiconductors
      and smart systems

      OEMs and Tier 1/2 suppliers are using our tools to develop the semiconductors and smart systems for today’s cutting edge ADAS and autonomous driving technologies.

      We provide leading-edge logic verification tools to ensure IC designers verify the functionality of their designs before committing to silicon. Among our leading logic verification tools are the Questa® functional verification suite, the Veloce® logic emulator for full-chip logic verification and the Analog FastSPICE™ for circuit verification for analog, RF, mixed-signal and custom digital circuits.

      The list of our silicon design solutions that are ISO 26262-certified is constantly growing. For the latest, check out the Mentor Safe program.

      We also provide a powerful suite of IC design and physical verification tools that enable companies to layout and verify their ICs for today’s leading edge silicon manufacturing processes, currently moving to 7nm. IC design tools include the Oasys-RTL™ fast and high-quality physical RTL synthesis and Olympus-SoC™ place-and-route tools. Our physical verification suite is composed of the Calibre® line of IC verification and signoff tools and the Tessent® silicon test and yield analysis suite.

      Growth of electronic content in cars

      Average semiconductor content
      per light vehicle

      Automotive electronics cost
      (% of total vehicle)

      Source: Roland Berger

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