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      Autonomous driving and
      driver assist solutions

      Mentor Automotive is helping to implement cluster and head-unit convergence, among the dominant ADAS trends today.

      System design, hardware and software integration, and design services.

      Advance the potential of autonomous driving (AD) technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with Mentor Automotive. Our hardware, software and services deliver real-time centralized fusion of raw sensor data; lower latency, power requirements and cost; and higher overall system efficiency, delivering up to true Level 5 autonomous drive solutions. We work with customers throughout the evolving automotive supply chain all the way from design to manufacturing. And our automotive-grade solutions are helping a growing ecosystem of AD and ADAS providers meet stringent regulatory safety requirements (including ISO 26262) through optimized production-grade platforms and design services.

      Concept & Series Development. Consultancy & Services


      • Perception & Fusion algorithms,
      • Algorithms for Simcenter PreScan or other virtual simulation
      • Algorithms for POCs

      Framework & Open Source

      • Mentor Middleware
      • Embedded Linux

      Systems Engineering

      • System Architecture
      • Perception
      • Functional Safety and SOTIF


      • Support of Customer Hardware
      • Hardware Design & Prototyping

      Custom FPGA design and production plus integration services

      Mentor Automotive is helping to implement cluster and head-unit convergence, among the dominant ADAS trends today.

      We are at the forefront of current Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) trends, including the ongoing convergence of safety and infotainment features. 

      Mentor solutions can help you create custom SoC- and FPGA-based designs, or can work with your own custom/commercial chips in providing the services you need to integrate hardware into your vehicles. We help OEMs and tier 1 meet customer demand for advanced features (ADAS and many others) while reducing manufacturing and component costs.

      Learn More about ADAS

      Learn more about how Mentor answers the challenges of designing and managing the embedded systems at the heart of the digitalized vehicle.

      Overhead views to boost safety

      Mentor software helped develop a 6X surround-view camera with FPD input and much more. By taking the lead on delivering tools for designing innovative new optical systems, Mentor is helping the industry address safety issues large and small alike, from reducing the number of horrific backover deaths to avoiding the embarrassment of scraping expensive fenders and rims while parking.

      Our hardware development services can provide you a flexible board with HDMI and camera-link video output.

      Hardware and algorithm development services

      Working with a German tier 1, we provide smart mirror graphics architecture and system design services.

      Mentor Automotive is teaming with industry to develop an extensible, flexible smart-mirror system that includes lens distortion compensation, image manipulation, compaction view, and other high-demand features. We’re employing state-of-the-art technologies, such as OpenGL ES pixel shader software, hardware-accelerated on a GPU.

      IESF Logo

      IESF Automotive EE Design Conferences

      IESF 2020 conference program, now in its 20th year, will include events in Japan, Detroit, Germany and for the first time Portland, Oregon (as part of the EVS33 conference and with a particular focus on EV and AD).

      IESF is the leading automotive conference on EE design trends and solutions. IESF Automotive 2020 focuses on four key areas: EE Architecture, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Electrification.

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