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      Mentor ABU? Hardware Services

      Hardware Interfaces for automotive design requirements

      The highly experienced Mentor ABU hardware services team is ready to design and produce custom hardware for a variety of automotive interfaces and applications from prototype and evaluation systems to complete product development. Examples include complex and high performance SoC and FPGA based designs, audio sample rate converters, and video and graphics interfaces. Printed circuit boards are laid out to automotive production standards, and electromagnetic (EMC) standards compatibility.

      Mentor ABU? Software Evaluation

      Interested in an automotive optimized software evaluation?

      Request Evaluation


      Customer Schematic Design and Support

      Our team of automotive experts are ready to provide world class process and design consultation through any stage of automotive development. Mentor ABU offers a proven starting point for automotive teams to modify and manufacture production-quality infotainment platforms, including AXSB layout, schematics, pin assignment, HW-SW interface documentation, and manuals.

      Quad UART to USB

      The Quad UART to USB interface is available to expand UART capabilities on the reference platform by facilitating access to up to 4 UARTS via a USB port.

      RS-232 UART

      The RS-232 UART device was created for the convenience of automotive development teams.

      Automotive Displays

      Custom automotive grade displays ready for development teams, includes an FPD III or APIX2-link interface and optional capacitive multi-touch support.

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