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      Automotive Connected OS? Software

      An Automotive Software Solution for Dramatically Enhanced In-Car Experience

      Connected OS enables the development of advanced automotive systems requiring high performance audio, video with seamless connectivity for emerging use cases in IVI, ADAS and Driver Information systems. The platform helps accelerate the adoption of consumer connectivity into the car. Connected OS provides a flexible framework for carmakers to develop differentiated infotainment and safety solutions to scale within their vehicle families and also across automotive lifecycles.

      Key Modules in Connected OS


      An enhanced board support package exclusively tuned for automotive applications. Enable rapid prototyping with the target specific board support package which includes a boot-time optimized bootloader, Linux kernel, and audio, video processing and networking components.


      Build feature-rich market leading infotainment systems with a GENIVI compliant optimized middleware layer featuring high performance audio and video libraries and services. Leverage the available Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (eAVB) stack to develop time sensitive applications, with support for real-time networking, with high quality-of-service (QoS) for IVI, ADAS and Driver Information use cases.


      Accelerate Consumer Connectivity into the Car

      Connected OS enables faster integration and innovation with car network communication frameworks. With support for legacy technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. and a scalable infrastructure for new connectivity methods, Connected OS provides a comprehensive platform for pre-integrated, optimized enablement for Consumer Device (CE) connectivity.

      Customized to OEMs and Tiers 1s Unique Requirements

      Combine Connected OS with Mentor Automotive’s deep system design knowledge and hardware design services to develop a truly customized, end-to-end automotive grade proof-of-concept or production platform.

      Rapid Startup Times

      Connected OS is optimized for extremely fast, sub two-second, boot times enabled with the minimal initial boot code (IBC) bootloader. Meet regulatory requirements for ADAS applications such as rear-view camera (RVC) with specific audio and video response times.

      Expanded Video and Graphics Capabilities

      Connected OS features a custom Wayland compositor and GENIVI layer manager providing a standards compliant high performance video implementation. In addition, optimized video and graphics libraries enable support for remote-rendering use cases in emerging infotainment applications such as Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) and Driver Information.

      Emerging In-Vehicle Communications

      Connected OS supports multiple traditional and emerging data transfer protocols for in-vehicle networking and communications. Specifically, timing-sensitive applications in IVI and ADAS can be implemented via the IEEE standard, AVnu Alliance compliant eAVB (Ethernet Audio Video Bridging) stack. With support for multi-camera video streams and a host of other content format in Connected OS, real-time ADAS applications such as surround view, lane departure warning systems (LDWS) etc. can be realized in a cost-effective manner.

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