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      Sourcery Toolchain Services

      Open source toolchain experts providing toolchain commercialization, customization and support services enabling a wide variety of processor architectures and HPC accelerator offload support for over 20 years

      Proven Track Record Delivering:

      • High-quality open source commercial grade toolchains
      • GCC and LLVM based customized compilers and libraries
      • High Performance Computing enablement including accelerator offload support for GPU, multicore CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs and custom accelerators
      • Analysis and optimization of algorithms, architectures and applications
      • Detection and remediation of toolchain security vulnerabilities

      Toolchain Commercialization Services

      Over 200 person years experience in transforming open source toolchain software into commercial grade toolchain distributions ready for customer deployment to enable software applictions to take maximum advantage of silicon device capabilities

      • GCC and LLVM based commercial grade toolchains
      • Toolchains configured and optimized for a specific set of target devices
      • Toolchains for customer SDKs
      • Fully tested toolchain distributions with CVE remediation

      Toolchain Customization Services

      Extending and optimizing the capabilities of the GCC and LLVM open source complier frameworks to enable maximum application performance on devices ranging from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers

      • Support for custom processor architectures including heterogeneous multicore and accelerator offload
      • Compiler support for OpenACC and OpenMP for C, C++ and Fortran applications
      • Enablement for RISC-V, including customized ISA's
      • Performance optimization
      • Specialized debugging features

      Toolchain Support Services

      Ensuring your toolchain remains ready to support your embedded software deployed to customers for the entire life of your product

      • CVE monitoring and patches
      • Bug fixes
      • Safety artifacts
      • Long-term Support
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