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      Runtime Services

      Mentor Embedded runtime services enable customers to focus on their product differentiation

      Please contact us to discuss your runtime services needs.

      Delivering Expertise In:

      • Linux Services
      • Nucleus Services
      • Multi-core Enablement
      • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • Security
      • Safety Certification
      • IoT/Cloud Services

      Linux Services

      • Platform creation – BSP creation for reference hardware or custom designs, device driver integration, graphics and media extensions, etc
      • Optimizations including fast boot, footprint reduction, real-time performance, graphics performance, etc
      • Security services
      • OSS upstreaming

      Nucleus Services

      • Porting to new processors, SoCs, and customer specific hardware
      • Board support packages (BSPs), including boot loaders, device drivers, graphics and video
      • Optimization for fast boot, footprint reduction, power management, real-time performance

      Multi-Core Enablement

      • Hypervisor customization
      • Heterogeneous multicore enablement
      • Boot and security customization
      • Mixed-safety criticality

      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      We offer expertise to address the challenges of deploying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to embedded devices

      • Enabling OS-level AI/ML frameworks
      • Downloading, monitoring and updating AI/ML applications on device
      • Integrating and porting GPU and MNA drivers
      • Systems integration - graphics + video + inference


      Mentor offers some of the most robust security monitoring and management available for embedded systems

      • Security Vulnerability Monitoring (SVM)
      • Security architecture assessment
      • Secure boot enablement
      • Encrypted file system enablement

      Safety Certification

      We offer expertise in a number of standards and certifications

      • Multicore Framework Cert and Nucleus certification support for DO-178C (DAL A), IEC 61508 (SIL3), IEC 62304 (Class C), and ISO 26262 (ASIL D)
      • Linux certification support for IEC 62304 SOUP or FDA 510K
      • Porting Nucleus Safety Cert to additional processors or SoCs
      • Implementing and certifying safe drivers

      IoT/Cloud Services

      • Integrate embedded IoT Edge and End node devices to various cloud platforms
      • Customize dockerized micro-services workflow and infrastructure
      • Access end-to-end reference solutions with cloud applications developed using Mendix
      • Securely boot, and on-board devices to the Cloud
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