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      Partners, Foundry, and OSAT Support

      Today's marketplace demands integrated world-class solutions. No company can deliver this alone. Through Mentor's partnerships you can be assured of the best "total solution," comprised of Mentor's leading-edge tools and key partner technologies. Our strategic partnership programs include OpenDoor™, Silicon Vendor, OSAT Alliance, and Higher Education.

      Higher Education Program

      Through the Higher Education Program, Mentor Graphics strives to develop long term relationships with engineering colleges and universities around the world. Mentor Graphics has partnered with more than 1200 colleges and universities worldwide.  Learn more

      Term for Startup Program

      The Term for Startup Program is tailored to the unique needs of startups with economical pricing and simple 12 or 18 month contract terms. TFS contracts include intensive support from Mentor Graphics to ensure that you are immediately productive with our products.  Learn more

      OpenDoor™ Program

      Mentor's OpenDoor program is the industry's leading and longest standing program supporting the development of integrated world class solutions. OpenDoor provides access to a diverse number of partner companies that offer well integrated, leading edge software solutions that complement the Mentor suite of tools in all aspects of the design process.

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      OpenDoor Partner Index

      Through OpenDoor, over 95 partner companies have agreed to develop and maintain commercial integrations, expanding the choices available to Mentor users in all design processes: hundreds of EDA products now interoperate with Mentors tools for ESDA, Top Down Design, PCB Layout and IC Design.

      OpenDoor Catalog

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